The Last Straw

On Saturday 27th April 2019 at The Factory Studios in Boscombe, The Last Straw celebrated sustainability!


The purpose of the event was to create awareness about environmental issues such as global warming, single use plastics and water pollution. We aim to offer attendees sustainable alternatives in order to achieve an eco-friendlier lifestyle.The event was aimed at the local community of Dorset and consisted of three main elements creating an immersive market experience.


1) Art Installation: This installation was curated by a final year student at Bournemouth University. It raised awareness of water pollution and today’s environmental issues.


2) Sustainable Market: This offered the community alternative products from local companies that are more environmentally friendly.


3) Workshops: Hosted for the attendees to demonstrate easy DIY techniques to create homemade living products that help promote a sustainable lifestyle.


Money raised at the event was donated to the Sustainable Dorset Charity. We chose Sustainable Dorset as they are a central hub of all sustainable and resilient activity across the county and share the same aim as The Green Elephant Events team – to raise awareness and to increase interest and involvement in sustainability.