About The Factory Studios

The Factory Studios is a hub of creativity conveniently located in Boscombe, Bournemouth. A former factory building that has been kept in the same family for generations, it has been transformed into a unique space that meets the needs of the creative community.


With a combination of different sized studios, co-working space and event spaces for hire, this truly is a place for everyone, from makers to freelancers and small businesses.


Fostering Creativity


We are passionate about creativity and strive to provide a much-needed space for creation, inspiration and collaboration right here in Boscombe.


Not only can this have a lasting economic benefit for the area but the creative industries have been proven to create jobs, build interest in an area and give it a uniqueness that attracts people and investment.


We work closely with the local artistic community in Bournemouth such as the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe, and have hosted their events in the past. We believe that the networking and dialogue created by these events strengthens Bournemouth’s artistic and cultural offering.


We are also committed in supporting the two local universities in Bournemouth and have been a regular partner for their events and exhibitions throughout the years. We are also have been regularly providing internship/volunteering opportunities for their students. 


We envision the future of Factory Studios as an incubator for creativity in Bournemouth area. To provide a supportive space where new local start-ups can come and get advice, insight and direction to help their company to grow.