Phil Hutchings

Electronics design is my life work and passion. There is a beauty in an elegant schematic, circuit board or challenging firmware algorithm. I enjoy solving problems for my clients, who come from all over the world with their ideas for transforming their specific product or market. My company, Dektron Ltd, supplies designs and makes hand-built crafted microprocessor control prototypes for clients ranging from a medical student in Africa to large international corporations with factories around the world. I design analog and digital circuits for power, radio, lighting, graphics, sonar and avionics, build circuit board layouts in Cadence OrCAD, and write embedded firmware in C and assembly. Dektron is proud to be associated with the Design Partner Group of Microchip Technology, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of microcontrollers. We never hold a meeting, and we get the thing done!

Factory Studios is a great place to pursue a creative (semi-retired?) life, with easy access to the coffee shops and the beach. I love living in Boscombe with Chaplin’s Cellar Bar presenting live local bands, the Bournemouth Folk Club gigs at the Shelley Theatre, the Pavilion and BIC for more established acts. The Social Café is the best lunch place in town, and The Eye of The Tiger rules for vindaloo! Stop by the studio and check out the Lava-Lamps!