Resident Profile:

Julie Ann Scott


I am a professional oil artist. Recently I moved to Dorset from the Lake District. I have been painting professionally for more than 10 years for Englands leading fine Art Agents, De Montfort.

I mainly use oil, exploring the themes of light, and my paintings are available through galleries nationwide.


I am known, among other things, for my intensely colored underwater scenes in which shoals of fish or koi swirl in a vibrant vortex of light, as well as for my moody landscapes and representations of galactic nebulae.

I’m inspired by the possibility that there is actually a God… who actually created light. If this is correct then the presence of light in our world could be the inspiration of our joy, peace and even some spiritual food. It doesn’t take a genius to know that without light all life and hope as we know it would cease. Light is essentially therefore the epicentre of all my work.


I’m inspired by its purity, and its ability to uplift our hearts.. or equally its absence to dash them upon the rocks. Even its playful dancing tells us something of the creator of our world, as an artists brush tells us all we need to know about the artist. Light can change a scene in its entirety and this mood changing power is what I try to capture in every painting I embark upon.

The Factory Studios is a great working environment for me. There is always a buzz around lunchtime and as I paint it’s really helpful to me knowing other creatives are right there to interact with should I need a break from intense work.

David is dedicated to making this Factory Studios into a bohemian place that attracts all forms of art. This I think is a great encouragement for any artist.

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