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Christmas Market 2017

09/12/2017 12:00 pm
Factory Studios

We’re hosting a Christmas Market on Saturday December 9th this year everyone and we’d love as many local makers and the community, to be a part of this special event.

Makers at our event includes: Miguel Issa, Alda Geirsdóttir, Yun Choi, Tilly Lilly, Jethro Wilson, Lorna Clark, Lucan Art, Andreia Dias, SaltWater Studios, Isabelle Morgan and Bridie Cheeseman.

We’re pleased to have local maker Miguel Issa, holding a stall at our Christmas Market next weekend. Check out his amazing work and keep your eyes peeled for more makers at our event.


Alda Geirsdóttir will be selling her artwork at our market this year. She’s come from the Arts University in Bournemouth and there’s more creatives from the uni, coming very soon.

Yun Choi will be selling her jewellery at our market fair next weekend. We’re also very pleased to have Sophie, who is a british textile artist, Tilly Lilly, selling her winter fashions and accessories. Illustrator to inspire, Jethro Wilson, will be having a stall, selling his very own printed Christmas cards and his original artwork.

Lorna Clark is a third year illustrator from the Arts University Bournemouth and she will be selling her work, along with her other colleagues, on Saturday for our Christmas market. We’re very pleased to have Miroslav Lucan at our market for the second year running – a local artist, designer and photographer from Bournemouth. Andreia Dias will be selling her unique photography work and we look forward to seeing more of it this year as well.

We’re pleased to announce that SaltWater Studios will be joining us at our Christmas Market this year. Isabelle Morgan is an illustrative artist from the Arts University in Bournemouth and she will be selling her lovely artwork at our event. Illustrator, Bridie Cheeseman, will be having a stall at our market and holding a Christmas card workshop for kids, so don’t miss out guys.


And we’re finally pleased to have our local maker, Kerry, who will be selling her festive infused Gin at our Christmas Market folks, so don’t miss out on all the festive treats and stalls we’ve got lined up for you.

Thanks for coming today everyone!! The Christmas market was a great success and it was so much fun meeting an amazing bunch of makers and lovely people.

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