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TreeHouse Digital


Treehouse Digital, are a video production company, based in Bournemouth and they have kindly agreed to share their projects with us and give us a little insight into how they work behind the scenes.

Can you tell us what it is that you do?

Treehouse Digital is a video production company specialising in high concept family entertainment. Founded by childhood friends, we are a ‘Story Laboratory’ that nurtures original ideas through each stage of production via our writer’s room, VFX studio, editorial and sound facilities in Bournemouth. From web videos to TV and film the driving force behind every production is awesome narrative. The Treehouse is a place of creativity and play where we strive to find solutions to any obstacle using ‘old tricks with new tools’. We are passionate about telling stories across all platforms and in any format.

What changes do you see occurring in your industry in ten years?

We think the boundaries between content formats are blurring considerably and this theme will continue. Just look at the increase in budgets for TV shows, the awesome storytelling going on in games as well as the push of tech with VR and AR. These are exciting times to be a content provider as long as you are willing to tell a story and aren’t stuck in your ways.

In your opinion, what is the biggest advantage for creative/digital agencies working in Bournemouth?

It’s a great place to live! But apart from that clearly one big advantage is the reduced overheads in keeping the basics (office/studio space etc) going. There’s a lot of talent in the area in our industry and lots of exciting projects going on. For us the lack of a rigid film/tv industry in the area is a positive thing because we can embrace all methods of storytelling rather than being pigeon-holed into one sector.

Are there any drawbacks?

We’re in an in-between place geographically and economically; although London isn’t that far away it’s still a faff getting there, but we’re not in an area with lots of EU funding (although this is clearly going to be less of a thing soon!).

In the creative industries, who inspires you?

We’re inspired by so many people but our ‘company’ inspiration is Bad Robot (J.J Abrams’ production company), they have a similar model to us in that they look after every stage of a production whilst bringing in teams to assist along the way. We love that they take responsibility for their stories and nurture them from conception to delivery.

Any exciting project coming up in the near future?

We have a TV show in development that we’re pitching to the major US networks, we’re doing some really cool commercial work for Wiggle and Adidas. Litterbugs (our short film) is showing at festivals around the world and we have just finished some VFX work for a film for Sky.

Anything else you’d like to mention that I didn’t ask?

We’d love to do more work for local companies. Also we’re always looking to meet local talented artists, filmmakers, animators and VFX artists, drop us a line and pop in for a cup of tea!

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