Resident Profile:

Glass Onion Creative


Glass Onion Creative brings together multiple skill sets and many years of experience, to provide expertise in the design of brand environments, whether it be a retail interior, live brand experience or pop-up shop.

We can create environments that are stylish yet compliant, on brand yet sophisticated and most importantly integrated into your marketing campaigns. The mantra is to always engage and inspire, culminating in effective yet beautiful environments where brands can flourish and express themselves.

Steve Nodwell is the creative force behind Glass Onion Creative, with 15 years experience in design practice and a BA Hons degree in Industrial Design.


As a result of over a decade working across Product, Retail, Interior Design and Experiential Marketing, as a Design Director, he has gathered an invaluable range of skills, approaches and knowledge. It’s on these foundations that his individual and team projects are based.

Steve Nodwell has a desk in the Co-working space at The Factory Studios and enjoys the lively atmosphere that is provided by other creatives in the area.

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