F* Event:

Sculpture Film

19/05/2019 12:00 pm
Factory Studios

Benjamin Collard’s figurative embodiment of human kindness is poised between the two opposing forces of RESURRECTION and COLLAPSE.

In presenting human kindness as both confrontational and masculine, this sculpture is intended to contradict the “standard model” definition of human kindness. Within this contradiction, “resurrection of human kindness” compels us to empathize with the value of fighting to overcome the impossible and suggests that human kindness is augmented by confrontation with all that it must overcome.

The launch of the butterman itself, was a triumph in all its glory and was one to remember. With months spent preparing this sculptural figure for its epic journey around the UK, a lot was riding on bringing the large figure out from the studio window. Crowds of people from all over came to watch this event and support the new life that this sculpture was about to embark on.


It just proved that this was a big moment for Benjamin Collards new masterpiece and hard work. This is only the beginning for the butterman.


We were also pleased to hold a Sculpture film event to celebrate the epic journey and part 1 of the series for the human figure. This sculptural work of art, will now be cast out of bronze in the next series and 3D printed to form a different approach and take this to the next level.

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