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Home Thrown Studio


Home Thrown Studio is a stone throw from the sea at The Factory Studios in Boscombe. Home Thrown ceramics are playful, irregular and simple. Drawing on simplicity, organic shapes and textures influenced by Scandinavian design.

I am a potter based in the South West of England on the Dorset coast and my inspiration comes from my love of the sea and coastal living. Eight years ago I moved to Dorset, the land of the Dinosaurs, to teach Media Studies & Film Production at a local secondary school. At that time I had no idea that I would discover a new found love of all things mud. I took up an evening class in Ceramics and became fully obsessed after making my first failed coil pot.

I was finding it hard to think about the lessons I had planned and found myself daydreaming about glazes. In 2012, I found The Factory Studios and established Home Thrown Studio. I have been there two years now and my little business has steadily grown.

In the summer of 2016 I decided to take the leap after eight years of teaching and jumped ship to give myself more time to dedicate to the mud; running workshops and making ceramics to sell at Artisan Markets around the South West.


If I’m not in the studio you will probably find me being beaten by the waves or getting lost in the forest or being chased by my thug of a Dachshund Waldo. The Portuguese cafe beside the studio is also a good place to look. I love visitors at the studio, so feel free to pop in and say hello! I have tea and biscuits usually.

I’ve been at The Factory Studios for two years, making pots and running weekly workshops for children and adults. The studio is a creative space with always something going on. It’s a great motivator to come into my space knowing that their will be lots of creative chat bouncing around and events throughout the year.


I’ve never worked in a space where there is a butter sculpture of a man being created, natural dyes being fermented, gin being infused and surf boards being created in an old toilet block. You could say it is a very unique place, but it is what makes it so special.

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