Resident Profile:

Benjamin Collard


Inspired by greater understanding and the effective communication of that understanding, my work explores the human condition. Through my artwork, I hope to live beyond my own existence in the flesh.

My artistic career started with creating conceptual digital works. From these early conceptual beginnings, I grew towards more observational studies of the human form.


The impossibility of accurately representing a 3-dimensional subject matter on a one-dimensional printed surface led me to sculpt in butter and cast in bronze. In my most recent work, I hope to achieve a unity between both conceptual and observational art.

This year, my focus is on showcasing several works and launching The Collard Foundation website at my first exhibition. This showcase will include a farewell party before this sculpture’s journey to be cast in bronze.


Documenting the extravaganza of this giant man of butter descending from the first story window of The Factory Studios, ‘Resurrection of Human Kindness’ will then go on to be exhibited in local and national destinations.


Since taking my studio space at The Factory Studios, I have been made to feel very much a part of  The Factory’s community of creative individuals.

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