Resident Profile:

A Thousand Monkeys


A Thousand Monkeys turns words into numbers. As writing specialists we combine the power of language with persuasive insights to help our clients sell stuff, raise awareness, create clarity, help their customers and much more.


We’re tucked away at the back of The Factory Studios in our own little world. We love the vibe of the Studios and being surrounded by so many visually talented folk.


We’ve created award-winning work for a wide variety of clients including Arts University Bournemouth, Hoburne Holidays and The Arts Council. And we’re as happy writing labels for beer bottles as we writing sparkling copy for websites with infinite pages or products.

What we make words do:

  • Give brands a distinctive voice
  • Cut to the chase
  • Create connections with customers
  • Add sparkle to bland product descriptions
  • Make words swoop soar and sock ‘em between the eyes

When was the last time anyone explained how you could improve your writing? Everyone benefits from a bit of inspiration. We train folk to become better writers themselves with training based on our own experiences at the keyboard.


There aren’t a thousand of us, but we’re remarkably productive and prodigiously persuasive in the way we weave words.

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