Resident Profile:

Toms Studio


I design and handmake tools for the modern craftsperson, designer or artist. I am inspired by the people I’m designing for. We spend most of our day working, so it’s important for me to fill the space we occupy with the tools that inspire us to do our best work.

Tom’s Studio started when I saw that my wife (a professional calligrapher @gemmamilly) was using a cheap, tired and uninspiring pen. I took it upon myself to design and make her a tool that works beautifully but also inspires her to do her best work.  


I studied furniture and product design at Northumbria University which was basically a playground of tools and machines, I was in my element.  It also taught me to take an idea to a fully realised product. Unfortunately I graduated into the 2008 recession and people were tightening their purse strings when it came to buying and supporting handmade products.  


For the past 8 years I’ve worked as a photographer and graphic designer for tech and food startups based across the world.  This gave me an insight into how innovative businesses work and inspired me to take the plunge myself.

It’s important to me to use materials that are durable, beautiful and have as little environmental impact as possible. Metals like copper and brass that, with a bit of TLC, will last forever. I pair these with hard woods, Corian or my own zero-waste resin that uses the beaut​i​ful waste copper ‘swarf’, which is a by-product from turning on the lathe.


Factory Studios is an awesome space to work, with a great bunch of like-minded creatives who all bring something unique to the mix. Starting a business and having a support network of others in the same boat is compl​etely invaluable.

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