Resident Profile:

Sofia Romero

Milliner & Costumier

I am a costume graduate from Arts University Bournemouth. I specialized in millinery and just started to be a freelance and start my professional career in the art of hat making. I get inspired by anything that surrounds me and I love to work and experiment in different styles and materials.

I studied different craft courses and diplomas in Mexico, mainly fashion related. I always loved learning and creating art. I learned from diverse techniques from jewelry, to basic Arduino programing and embroidery. Fashion in Mexico was a little bit too limiting for me and when I found the costume course in Bournemouth I knew I finally found my place.


In my last year I learned how to create hats and it became my favourite activity and my new career path. I have realized that all the skills and different elements that I had learned I could applied them in millinery.

Currently I am in the process of opening my own millinery brand. Sofia Romero Millinery will be a unique and environmentally friendly hat brand that I am excited to start.


My first collection is based on endangered species and aims to create awareness and support this species for their conservation. The designs are 100% handmade and will be unique design pieces. The brand will also collaborate with artists of different platforms such as illustrators and storytellers.


I love the variety of people that are in The Factory Studios. Every and each of them make the space an endless source of inspiration. As a newly graduated, The Factory Studios has become a new classroom where I see artists and different businesses succeed.

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