Resident Profile:

Neville Cooper


I have been a practicing artist for forty years. A profound and lasting influence of my work came in my formative years, in the Merchant Navy (1954-63), where I saw the colors of the Red Sea and the South Pacific. The vibrant hues were in direct contrast to the grays and drabness of my early years growing up in the East end of London.

I was also introduced to the Jazz and Blues world through the on board radio station, Voice of America and perceived a new and stimulating sense of color and form, through the nature of music.

In 1967 I became interested in expressing myself through painting and during the following thirty years, I incorporated my love of color and my impressions of the different cultures I had visited, into my work.


Around 2003, after experimenting with materials, I then became interested in working in 3 dimensional forms, by transforming everyday objects into assemblages, which for me have evolved into three-dimensional paintings.


Since starting my art career, I view my journey in parallel to the ethos of Gustave Courbets (1854) work bonjour, Monsieur Corbet. Like his work, my work has been in constant revolution.

I have a studio space at the Factory Studios, where I’m working alongside other ambitious artists, who I can share my passion for art with and be inspired by their creative work. It’s a great space to work and I feel privileged to work with other talents in the local community. 

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