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LiMETOOLS LTD builds and licenses tools that enable business behaviour change, supported by performance measurement software. We focus on combating human error as the root cause of cyber-attacks and human carelessness as the normal contributor to energy waste. In cyber security the vulnerability comes from users failing to recognise exposure, and their adaptation capability needs to be ongoing as threats morph constantly.

In maintaining energy security, small habit changes can save disproportionate amounts of money and protect precious resources. We have developed integrated software and immersive learning techniques to increase the level of natural alertness and flexibility in regular behaviour modification.

LiMETOOLS uses a range of formats, including animated text, with progress controlled by the learner to suit their own absorption rate; documentary video to explain context; fictional drama to illustrate the normal poor habits and their potential impacts; quizzes with correct answers as a learning technique; and a final test, which offers an automatic evaluation of their competence related to their performance throughout the tool.


Psychological theory underpins the text, drama, and gamification formats where the Social Cognitive Theory recognises learning through observation, social interactions and gives a sense of personal of control to make behavioural change possible. Moreover, the messages that are personally relevant to the individual increases perceived susceptibility which further can motivate a change in the learner’s attitudes and intentions thus change behaviour.

LiMETOOLS moved into the Factory Studios in December 2016. Now the central hub of our team, the office space size is perfect to generate ideas and carry out the day to day running of the business.


The creative individuals in the other offices within the Factory Studios inspires creative activity within the LiMETOOLS team. The Factory Studios always has a friendly feel about the place making coming into the environment a pleasure for everyone in the team.

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