Our History

Our History

Our History

Located in the heart of Boscombe, Factory Studios is one of the largest creative hubs in the Bournemouth area. Supporting a network of creatives ranging from artists, digital designers, film makers and photographers. If there’s a creative passion that you strive to build upon, then we can provide that opportunity for you.

Fostering creativity

We are passionate about creativity and strive to provide a much-needed space for creation, inspiration and collaboration right here in Boscombe.


Not only can this have a lasting economic benefit for the area but the creative industries have been proven to create jobs, build interest in an area and give it a uniqueness that attracts people and investment.

Local connections

The premises has been used for exhibitions by the Arts University Bournemouth’s Photography, Illustration and Fine Art departments. The courtyard has hosted music events and it is sometimes transformed into an outdoor cinema or market.


We believe that the networking and dialogue created by these events strengthens Bournemouth’s artistic and cultural offering.

We’re always open to new inspiration. That’s why we’re delighted to be Factory Studios Bournemouth working alongside creative professionals who enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and culture. – Jackson Mullins, Creative Director


One of the buildings that functions as part of The Factory Studios today was first built in 1875. The space was a small holding of buildings used by a blacksmith and coachman. A horseshoe remains proudly part of the artist studios’ entrance today. The present owner of the facility acquired it in 2009. But The Factory Studios have been in the family for over a hundred years.


Harold Percival Victor Mullins, a cabinetmaker, acquired the premises of 107a Havilland Road in 1910. Some of Harold’s woodwork is part of the facility’s design; his wooden rabbet planes are featured on the ceilings of the digital co-working space. There is an active effort to keep snippets of the past alive at the Factory even today.

In 1948, the adjoining plot (previously used as an orchard) became part of the Factory and a new building was constructed beside it, with two levels and a space of 4,000 square feet. Harold retired two years later and the Factory was rented to a shop fitter’s company named Coopers.


Dick Mullins inherited the Factory Studios from his father before his death in 1969. Dick was a registered air force photographer and property manager. He ran the Factory as an industrial unit where various businesses had taken up occupancies. Coopers remained part of the establishment and new businesses joined. These included a signage company, a bridal company, a double-glazing company and an educational facility.


The Factory passed on to David Mullins in 2009, studied theatre design and set design from Wimbledon and Kingston. He used this knowledge to refurbish the facilities and saw the installation of new walls and the reinforcement of exterior brickwork. David then decided to divide The Factory into three units, a Digital Co-working Suite, the Artist Studios and Blackwell Dance Academy owned by his wife.


Today, the provision has its own character enjoyed by the creatives whose businesses are based here. Renovations are continuous with the growth of The Factory Studios.

The Future

David Mullins, the present owner of The Factory Studios says it is a culmination of everything that he, his father and grandfather have been involved in. The creative hub is a tribute to them and their artistry. He wants to continue providing a space for creation, inspiration and collaboration to Bournemouth and its suburbs.


The Factory aims to support creative individuals, start-ups and businesses. This is just the beginning of The Factory Studios. We have celebrated a successful hundred years in Boscombe and we hope this continues for a hundred more.

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