Resident Profile:

South Hand Crafted


Founded in 2015, South Hand Crafted (SHC) is a workshop, handcrafting wooden surf craft such as Handplanes for Bodysurfing, Bellyboards and skate decks. SHC was born from a passion for all things sea & mountain, after a sunset surf in the Autumn of 2015, two brothers discussed the positive benefits to your physical and mental health from being in the sea. Our aim is to make the sea and waves more accessible to all standards and levels of experience.

At SHC we believe in simplicity and environmental impact. Our creations have only five ingredients. Locally sourced sustainable woods, water proof glue, tung oil, time and elbow grease.


A valid lesson we have learnt from this project is things take time, and the longer the better, like fine wine and cheese, taking time your time makes it all the sweeter. To emphasise not to rush, to take your time, find your calm, have a deep breath, the time is always ‘now’. We would really love to see SHC grow into something social, with a body surf club for 2017.

I have loved being at the Factory Studios, it exists for one reason and that is to support creative projects like mine and all other kinds of wonderful things. There’s a brilliant community here and it’s going from strength to strength.