Resident Profile:

Christine O’Driscoll


I am so grateful to have my studio space at the Factory. For me painting is an escape, a journal, a way to deal with the absurdity of how much there is to know and think about in life by carving out quite time to expel the overwhelm through paint. It can be joyous or emotional, draining, healing, exciting, and curious but entirely necessary for me to feel at peace and connected with myself.

That’s a heavy sentence that basically means I love art, especially painting. My work is at its best when it’s honest and made without purpose. I love for people to connect with my work  and want to view it because they can feel something when their eyes take in the bold colours, the curves of the brushstrokes, the texture of the canvas.

My love affair with painting began when I was very young and given a sketchbook by my grandparents, like a trusted friend despite periods without painting I am drawn back to it is seductive catharsis time and time again.


Having a now permanent space in the Factory has really allowed me to deepen and develop my relationship with my work and brought so much joy to my life. Being part of an creative community is invaluable and I have met and spent time with many wonderful and inspiring characters, it’s a great tribe to the be a part of.

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