Resident Profile:

Bridie Cheeseman


My inspiration can come from anything at all, it’s not something I really decide on. In particular though I have a fascination with the mysterious or unsettling parts of life and the weird observations I make. Films will often inspire me as they’re already somewhat distanced from reality and interesting shots and stills can play into my work or help me to look at things from another angle.

I currently use gouache paint for the majority of my work. I love the feel of using it on paper, the chalky textured colours that have amazing saturation and the super fast drying qualities. It’s always seemed to be the best medium to achieve all the things I was imagining.


I’m currently working on refining my technique and making more use of the graphic potential that gouache offers. I’ve experimented with digital image making but I don’t get as much enjoyment from that process and feel that I can achieve everything I need to by continuing to work on my painting technique.

Recently I’ve become more aware of really consciously making decisions throughout the whole of my working process. I’ve always enjoyed being very playful with my work and adding many things in as I go, and I still think this is important to a degree, but it’s equally important to know why I’m including one thing, or drawing another thing in a certain way. I’m aiming towards being a better communicator.


Since graduating from Falmouth University in 2014 I’ve lived in London and Bristol. I moved to Bournemouth in April 2016 and now work full time as an illustrator and also as a Visiting Tutor at Arts University Bournemouth.


It’s great to have somewhere to go to work each day and being surrounded by busy people only makes me more productive. The Factory Studios is an amazing old space and has such a friendly atmosphere. It’s a great place to sit and paint all day.

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