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The factory Studios offers some of the most affordable artists’ studios in the south with prices starting at £90 month for resident membership and daily drop in membership from £10 a day. These studios are ran by Artist for Artists with the main aim for making them  accessible and affordable to people who would otherwise find it difficult to afford working space.


All resident studios holders have access to the studios 24/7 and 365 days a year. Most have excellent natural light and all artists have access to toilets, some tools, Wifi  and kitchen facilities. In addition to offering quiet places to work, the Factory Studios provides facilities for a growing vibrant community with emphasis on peer support and collaboration. Studio holders benefit from the opportunity to hold exhibitions, events and workshops in the other areas of the factory. If you are interested in a space and would like to know more please contact us to arrange a studio viewing and discuss your needs and expectations.


Individual studios range in size but all include their own desk, workspace and communal work areas. We try to tailor each space to the needs of individual and their practice. This can include us adding shelving more or less wall space, or a range of other pieces of furniture and fixtures to your requirements.


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• Price start from £90 inc all bills, vat & wifi p/m


• All resident holders have 24-7 access


• daily drop in membership from £10 a day


• excess to a communal lounge and kitchen area


• opportunities to exhibit in the gallery space


• Studio spaces tailored to your requirements


• be apart of a professional creative community


• opportunities to sell your work on site


• Excess to  screen printing facilities


• marketing and communal critique sessions


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